Linux PS3 Install Guide: FAQ

Q: Will LinuxforPS3installer void my warranty?
A: No! Because it's software-based with links to third party software, Linuxfor PS3installer will not
     void your warranty. You're covered.

Q: Can I use LinuxforPS3installer to play downloaded games and videos from download sites?
A: Sure! LinuxforPS3installer will let you do way more with your PS3 than you normally can.

Q: Can the software recommended by LinuxforPS3installer be removed, and if so, safely?
A: Yes, Linux can easily and safely be removed from your console. Just erase it like you would a regular
      downloaded game.

Q: Can I still play my PS3 as usual with all this software installed?
A: Yep, you will still be able to use your PS3 as usual. Linux operates independently of your game and media data.

Q: Can I update my PS3 with LinuxforPS3installer installed?
A:  Yes you can. Sony updates will not be affected. Actually, it's a good idea to check for updates (and backup your   data)before you install Linux.

Q: Do I need multiple licences for this product if I have more than one PS3?
A: Nope! LinuxforPS3installer can be used on as many PS3's as you've got.

Q: What about Windows programs? Can I run them on my PS3?
A: Heck yeah. LinuxForPS3installer comes with an emulator, so you can install Windows and run programs, play PC games,   etc.

Q: What about upgrades?
A: You get free lifetime upgrades, so you'll always be up to speed.

Q: What if I screw something up?
A: No problem. Email tech support, and they'll help you out!

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