Linux for PS3 Installer Testimonials

"Hi guys, I must say that I found a lot of use for your Linux for ps3 installer product. After downloading it (your site certainly looked the business!), I found the instructions straightforward"
Michael - New York, USA

"My kids wanted to play some older Nintendo games but couldn't, as the PS3 doesn't allow this. Having bought Linux for ps3 installer I immediately followed your instructions and it worked great!"
Peter - Birmingham, UK

"Having looked all over the internet for a safe way to install Linux on my PS3, I found Linux for ps3 installer. All the reviews I read were favourable, so I bought it. In around 30 mins I had Linux on my PS3!"
Donovan - Perth, Australia

"Hello, well done on a great product! Your tech support really helped me out as I am really bad when it comes to anything electronic. My PS3 is running everything fine now and my kids are really happy"
Andrea - Chicago, USA

"Hi, I am most happy with your product. My PS3 is now more fast than my very good laptop. I never thought that it could be this good, thanks again"
Alex - Skopgen, Norway

"Your product allowed me to sort out some issues I had with my game downloads. I am very thankful to your team and hope that you'll continue with this, it helps a lot of people out."
Julia - Romford, UK

"This was a really cool experience. I used your product on my PS3 and never looked back. My kids owe me!"
Andrew - Darwin, Australia

"Hello everyone, hope you're all well. Just wanted to thank you for your product and your swift tech support. We now essentially have 3 PC's in our house, thanks to turning my PS3 into one by purchasing your product. Thanks once more."
Gavin - Fort Lauderdale, USA

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